Use emotes Glyphs on Slack

Send Glyphs as Hyperlinks

This is the simplest way to share a Glyph!

If you find the Glyph you want to share (you can search here), simply copy the link and paste it into the Slack chat.

Slack will render the Glyph and it's name and title - directly into the message thread!

Here's and example of how Glyphs will appear in Slack when you share them via hyperlink:

Sharing Glyphs on Slack Via Hyperlink

Custom Slack Emoji.

Adding custom slack Emoji to a Slack channel is easy.

Firstly you'll need to download the Glyph to your computer.

To download Glyphs, first find the Glyph you want (you can search here) and open it in the browser. Once opened, click the download button in the large size.

Uploading Glyphs as custom Slack emotes

(Glyphs may not automatically download - in which case you can right click the link and choose "save file")

Now that you have download the Glyph to your computer, open a Slack direct message thread and then open the Emoji selector in the bottom right of the screen.

Scroll to the very bottom of the Emoji selector and you'll see a link "add custom emoji here". Click it!

Add a custom Slack Emoji

This will open a new browser window where you can upload your Glyphs as Slack Emotes.

Simply click the upload Emoji button!

Uploading a custom Slack Emoji

And... you're done! Go back to Slack and you can use the Glyph as you would any other Emoji!

YoloGlyphics Chrome extension for Slack

We're busy over at YoloGlyphics. We're working hard to bring you cool new features. In the near future we'll be trialing a release of a Chrome extension which will allow our users to share Glyphs much more easily and conveniently on the Slack web-app.